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Medical professionals have a tendency to be on the move!  If you are ready to sell or rent out your current home we welcome you to place a listing here.  Choose the right listing for you! Single listing is a single home or apartment for purchase or rent. Multiple unit up to 5 means a duplex or apartment building that has up to 5 units available. Multiple unit up to 20 refers to a large building with more than 5 units available. You will get a single posting for each subscription with which to advertise your property or properties. Get the most out of your posting by including not only photos of your home but also a descriptive paragraph.  Make sure to include the basics such as: address, square footage, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, type of garage, rental or sale price, availability date, deposit requirements and pet friendliness.  Don’t forget your contact information!  We highly recommend also providing information about your neighborhood or anything that may make your home more appealing to potential renters and buyers.  Would this home be better suited for a family or a single person?  Are you close to parks, grocery stores or schools?  Which hospital(s) are nearby?

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This is a subscription service.  By completing the following forms you agree to be charged on a monthly basis until YOU cancel the subscription. Your credit card or paypal can complete the transaction at any point on your renewal day so cancel the day BEFORE your renewal to avoid unwanted charges. NO REFUNDS will be given if you forget to cancel. Instructions on how to cancel are on the FAQ page. 

Are you a new landlord?  Need a new way to screen tenants?

TenantMagic provides online rental applications with the most comprehensive tenant screening reports available (credit, criminal and eviction, including a credit score) to property managers and owners.

TenantMagic is free to property managers, agents and owners – applicants pay the fee.

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